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作者(含作者群) 發表期刊
Trabecular Bone Score Reflects Trabecular Microarchitecture
Deterioration and Fragility Fracture in Female Adult Patients
Receiving Glucocorticoid Therapy: A Pre-Post Controlled Study
Mei-Hua Chuang, Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Malcolm Koo, Yuh-Feng Wang

BioMed Research International,1-7,2017

Age-Adjusted Charlson Comorbidity Index Scores Predict Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events among Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients. Mei-Hua Chuang , Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Kuang-Yung Huang , Yuh-Feng Wang

Tzu Chi Medical Journal 2017; 154-158

Bone Mineral Density in Evaluation of the Severity of Coronary Artery Calcification. Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Fu-Tsung Hsiao, Yi-Da Li, Yuh-Feng Wang ANMMI 2017; 55-61
Helmet Sign of Gallium Scan After Scalp Intra-arterial Injection. Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Yuh-Feng Wang ANMMI 2017; 129-132
FRAX® Fracture Risks Are Associated with Coronary Artery Calcification Score

Tzyy-Ling Chuang, Yi-Da Li, Fu-Tsung Hsiao, Mei-Hua Chuang, Yuh-Feng Wang

Disease Markers, 1-6, 2017



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