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題目 作者(含作者群) 發表期刊
Seeing Invisible: I-131 NP-59 SPECT/CT for Negligible Primary Hyperaldosteronism. Chen YC, Wei CK, Chen PF, Tzeng JE, Chuang TL, Wang YF. Kidney International 75:663, 2009 (SCI)
Scintigraphic Evidence of Chronic Edema Easily Neglected by Nephrologists: Protein Losing Enteropathy. Chen YC, Chiu JS, Chuang MH, Chung MI, Wang YF. Kidney International 75:1124, 2009 (SCI)
Stability of the mixture of technetium-99m human serum albumin and lidocaine hydrochloride for clinical application. Wang YF, Chuang MH, Cham TM, Chung MI. Nucl Med Commun. 30:494-497, 2009 (SCI)
Artificial neural network to predict skeletal metastasis in patients with prostate cancer. Chiu JS, Wang YF, Su YC, Wei LH, Liao JG, Li YC. J Med Syst. 33:91-100, 2009 (SCI)
The Case / A woman with persistent chest pain and palpitations after coronary stenting. Chen YC, Su YC, Tzeng JE, Wei CK, Chiu JS, Wang YF. Kidney International 75:1361-1362, 2009 (SCI)
Pharmacokinetics of intravenously injected Tc-99m labeled ferrite nanobeads. Fu CM, Wang YF, Guo YF, Wang LS, Chuang MH, Cham TM. J Appl Phy 105:07B311, 2009 (SCI)
Response to ‘Limited significance of iodomethylnorcholesterol uptake in adrenal visualization’ Chen YC, Chiu JS, Wang YF. Kidney International 76: 678, 2009 (SCI)
Response to ‘Pitfalls of technetium-99m-labeled human serum albumin scintigraphy for protein-losing enteropathy’ Chen YC, Chiu JS, Wang YF. Kidney International 76: 911–912, 2009 (SCI)
Chronic edema from protein-losing enteropathy: scintigraphic diagnosis. Chen YC, Chiu JS, Chuang MH, Chung MI, Wang YF Kidney International 75:1124, 2009 (SCI)
Comparison of Rapid and Over-night Analysis Method for Hepatitis B Virus Infection Study. Wei LH, Liao JG, Tien HL, Chang SY, Wang LZ, Wang YF. 核子醫學雜誌 6:7-11, 2009
Applying Presentation Software to Draw Medical Illustrations of PET/CT. Chiu KC, Lin YF, Shen WC, Li YC, Wang YF, Liao JG, Yang CM, Chiu JS . 核子醫學雜誌 6:53-61, 2009
台灣地區RIA醫學實驗室適用ISO 15189認證標準之調查研究:初期報告。 廖建國、王昱豐、邱建勳、張錦標 核子醫學雜誌 22:205-212, 2009
核醫病患滿意度探討。 廖建國、邱建勳、戴秋萍、朱湘蓮、王昱豐 核子醫學雜誌 22:221-229, 2009



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