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題目 作者(含作者群) 發表期刊
Rocks in the head: extensive intracranial calcification. Chiu JS, Wang YF, Chen CA, Lin SH, Lin YF, Chu P. Int Med J. 35: 362-363, 2005 (SCI)
Applying artificial neural network to predict total body water in hemodialysis patients. Chiu JS, Chong CF, Lin YF, Wu CC, Wang YF, Li YC. Am J Nephrol. 25:507-513, 2005 (SCI)
In Vivo Bio-Distribution of Intravenously Injected Tc-99m Labeled Ferrite Nanoparticles Bounded With Biocompatible Medicals. Fu CM, Wang YF, Guo YF, Lin TY, Chiu JS. IEEE T MAGN. 41: 4120-4122, 2005 (SCI)
Malignant Struma Ovarii With Peritoneal Implants and Pelvic Structures and Liver Metastases Demonstrated by I-131 SPECT and Low-Dose CT. Cherng SC, Wang YF, Fan YM, Chen CY, Yuan YN, Cheng CY. Clin Nucl Med. 30:797-798, 2005 (SCI)
Assessing the quality of predictive models for classification.
Chiu JS, Li YC, Wang YF. Am J Cardiol. 96:323-324, 2005 (SCI)
Anthropometry by Nuclear Medicine Whole-Body Bone Scan -- An Example of Establishment of Taiwanese Adults Database Wang YF, Fu CM. HAAMAHA, 2005, San Diego/USA
Diagnosis of Port-A catheter-induced thrombosis by upper extremities radionuclide venography. Wang YF, Lin CW, Sheu YT, Chiu JS. 核子醫學雜誌 18:63-66, 2005
Neural network modeling to predict intact parathyroid hormone in uremic patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Chiu JS, Lin WT, Li YC, Wang YF. 核子醫學雜誌 18:135-141, 2005
核醫放射免疫分析實驗室外部品質管制作業與管理。 張錦標、王昱豐 核子醫學雜誌 18:209-215, 2005
台灣地區核醫實驗室技術人員工作壓力源及其因應之研究。 張錦標、張素雲、邱建勳、王昱豐 核子醫學雜誌 18:217-223, 2005
王昱豐、徐美菁、林俊龍 慈濟醫學 17 suppl 4:1-13, 2005



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