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題目 作者(含作者群) 發表期刊
Fraley’s syndrome seen on bone scintigraphy. Huang WS, Wu CJ, Wang YF, Jen TK, Cherng SC Ann Nucl Med Sci, 13: 71-74, 2000
The role of lung scintigraphy in the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome with pulmonary embolism. Cherng SC, Huang WS, Wang YF, Yang SP, Lin YF Clin Nuc Med. 25: 167-172, 2000 (SCI)
Irradiation and thyroid. Huang WS, Fan YM, Wang YF Ann Nucl Med Sci. 13: 175-180, 2000
Single dose administration in a patient with inter-ictal and immediate post-ictal Tc-99m HMPAO brain SPECT studies. Wang YF, Cherng SC, Jen TK, Huang WS Ann Nucl Med Sci. 13: 247-250, 2000


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