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Dr.Siddnarth Patel, 印度


Dec. 05, 2012 ~ Dec.21, 2012
Knee Health Promotion Course for OA Knee
 Clinical Training Course



                                   Dr.Siddnarth                                       Dr.Amit        




Respected Dr.Lyu SR,

    I am very thankful to you to have given us this opportunity to come to Da-Lin and learn about the KHPO program including Uni-K and TKR surgery. It has been a great educational and cultural trip to Taiwan. Your Vision of KHPO is really great and I assure you that in the coming years it will be an internationally recognized treatment modality for OA knee.

    Like Dr. Ponseti for CTEV, you will be Dr. Lyu for OA knee!

    I personally believe that KHPO is tailored and made for Indian patents, as the routine lifestyle of Taiwanese people is very similar to that of Indians and I have personally seen your long-term follow up patients who are completely satisfied and cured of OA knee. This method will definitely be a success in India.

    It is a beginning of a journey,

    THE KHPO JOURNEY of: Seeing → Believing → Practicing

    Most of my feelings have already been written by Dr. Amit in regards to our accommodation, education and especially your hospitality. I have gained a lot of knowledge not only in ACRFP but also in Uni-K & TKR. I thank you for your kindness in telling us all the tips and tricks in ACRFP, Uni-K and TKR. I also have to mention that our trip to The National Chung Cheng University was very helpful to us in understanding the pathology of OA knee.

    I would like to personally thank your team especially Gefu, Kasma, Chia-Chi, Su-Mie, Ruby and Rachel and all the kind staffs of yours for the overwhelming love shown to us.

    With this I promise to practice KHPO and spread awareness of KHPO and the actual pathology of OA knee that the world has still now not seen.

    With this I ask for your blessings for me to practice KHPO and ACRFP in the correct manner. Also as mentioned by Amit, we would love to coauthor your work in our national orthopaedic Journal, after we have had our own set of cases.

    This is just a beginning of a teacher-student relationship between us that will remain forever.

    I wholeheartedly invite you and your family to stay and tour India with us. Also I promise to work hard to invite you as an international faculty for a conference/workshop.

    I thank you for this past amazing 3-weeks.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Siddharth Patel

Ashirvad Hospital

Near Jayshree Cinema

Daman Road, Chala, Vapi-396191

Gujarat, India

Mobile - 0091 9727754578

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