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  掛號前,請諒解:呂紹睿醫師的關節鏡手術排程為 20~22 個月、

                                      人工關節置換手術排程為 8~10 個月



* 國際人士醫療服務洽詢聯絡方式 

 For International Medical Service, please 

 *  國際醫療服務中心收到您的來信時,將於「五個工作日內」回應說明 

 *  Email us, we will go to work for you and respond to your needs within 5 working days.







 Registration Guideline for international patient at Knee Health Promotion Center in Dalin Tzu Chi 



  Our International Medical Service Center serves patients who

  1.Are holding a valid foreign passport.

  2.Are NOT enrolled in Taiwan's National Health Insurance Program (there after NHI).

  3.Are able to support the full expenses for international patients including  first-time clinic visit to the      subsequent hospitalization, surgery, 

     and follow-up clinic visits. (International patients shall not be entitled to claim for the payment from